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Web Design Bracknell from Target Grow. Top quality and affordable Web Design and Digital Marketing services right here in Bracknell.

Crucially, our websites ALWAYS include local SEO (search engine optimisation). This ensures that we place your business very visibly in front of your target customers!

Basic Website? New Blog? Small to Medium business Website? Website redesign? We cover most web design projects from inception to completion!

TargetGrow has the experience to boost your business, and to bring it to life online.

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Using the most up to date search engine friendly methods, our websites are sure to make an impact. We provide high quality and, more importantly, great value digital marketing services.

Our experience gained over decades combines the power of Website Designing with the WordPress platform to produce stunning websites. We take your idea from concept and give it a reality primarily based on Google search, social strategies and basic common sense!

In reality, we’re actually a Bracknell, Berkshire and Thames Valley based creative agency and think tank whose sole purpose is to help you succeed!

We’ll work with you on a personal level and ensure you get the results that you and your business deserves. We’re behind you for the long run and will always be just a phone call or email away.

Web Design and Digital Marketing Experts in Bracknell

Target Grow is owned and operated by just one person at present, ME! I’m Mark by the way (short bio here)! I’m very happy to answer any and all questions you may have abut your website design ideas.

Contact me by email, by a one-on-one chat over the phone or even in person. And, Covid-19 permitting, I’ll happily come to you – wherever you are – in order to discuss your website today!

Designing websites and SEO has been my passion since 1999. Over the years, I’ve developed my own efficient web design process and it works! My website projects ALWAYS include vital SEO components that others may not spend the time to provide. I design websites with best-practice methods in mind and these methods ensure that your website captures YOUR audience’s attention.

I’m very much look forward to hopefully hearing from you, and to assisting your business soon!

Bracknell and Beyond: Areas we Cover

Whilst based in Bracknell we’re also situated right by Wokingham (Binfield to be exact, so right between both cities). Consequently, we’re well positioned to cover the entire Thames Valley region.

Thanks to the excellent network of road & public transport links from Bracknell, Berkshire has proven to be an extremely easy place to get around.

Besides Bracknell, we’ve completed Web Design Projects locally in Binfield, Twyford, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Reading, Ascot & Windsor. We have a portfolio of clients from Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Even further afield we also boast clients from Australia, NZ and South Africa.

We see ourselves as global web design company and we’ll happily take on new clients from anywhere.

Bracknell Forest Council Deer and Text Logo
The Lexicon Bracknell written on boarded wall in Bracknell City Centre

Bracknell: City of possibilities

With its fantastic newly regenerated city centre, Bracknell has come back to life, and post COVID-19 will see many new opportunities for businesses in the city and surrounds.

The Lexicon in Bracknell is now an exciting shopping destination within the region and people now travel from far and wide for this newest of Berkshires shopping experiences.

The Bracknell Forest Council reaches as far south as Sandhurst on the border of Camberley and as far north as Winkfield, Cranbourne, Warfield and Binfield.

The Council is committed to (hopefully) ensuring the city centre continues to grow and thrive but not at the expense of over development but rather of good planning and forward thinking. That’s what they told us anyway so let’s hope that’s accurate!

The world is a much smaller place than it used to be and we hope you’ll allow us to assist you in finding your businesses place in it!

Certainly if you’re business is based in or around Bracknell – then we can help.

Our Promise to You

With years of experience in web and graphic design, SEO, brand marketing, logo creation and much more, Target Grow will take every possible step to make sure your business looks great online, but above all that people find you.

After all, no matter how good your website looks, its not much chop if people don’t know how to find it. You don’t want to find yourself left with a fantastic looking website that is effectively, just a ghost town!

We may not always say YES – but that’s because we have the expertise to market your business presence, the right way.

We offer integrity, privacy, honesty and quality throughout our portfolio of offered services along with a personal friendly touch no other website design company in Bracknell offers.

And don’t forget we personally offer Web Design in Ascot, Wokingham, Berkshire and the entire Thames Valley Region. But we have clients the country over and even internationally.

Get in touch now with your Web Design requirements

Contact Target Grow Online Marketing Solutions today far an absolutely no obligation chat over email or phone. Mark (TargetGrow CEO) will be the guy who’ll actually do the work for you so you’ll achieve your web design project!

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Why Should You Choose Target Grow For Your Web Design Project in Bracknell

Check out the video we recently uploaded to YouTube and have a look at the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page. These should both provide sufficient clarity on this topic. Suffice to say we’re supremely confident that we can provide the very best web design services available here locally in and around Bracknell and throughout the whole Thames Valley.

Web Design FAQ

What Is Web Design?

Web Design refers to the process of planning, visualising and arranging content intended to be displayed in internet search engines such as Google. Basically it’s the creation of the overall look and feel of your online presence. However web design can go way beyond just how things look and can encompass and include how your website works. Thus, user experience and functionality of a website has to be one of the core goals of modern day web design.

What Are The Benefits Of Good Web Design?

A website is an extension of your business and establishes your brand, your professionalism and is most likely the solid basis for growing your customer base. If your website looks dated, confusing and unnavigable this will trigger alarm bells to any prospective customer. Alternatively, a well thought out and aesthetically pleasing website that loads fast in any web browser can be a game changer for your business. Creating a website is easier than ever but making that website successful is where all the hard graft takes place. Target Grow ensures the building blocks for the success of your web design project by applying the principles of clarity, accessibility, user experience and responsiveness to all its website designs.

What Is The Web Design Process With Target Grow?

Our Web Design Process takes place in four phases.
1. Project Visualisation and Research – Competitive analysis and setting of website goals.
2. Ideation and Architecture – the setting up of the initial prototype web site.
3. User Interface – Establishing your brand identity to keep your website visitors engaged.
4. Final Evaluation – Making sure the website works correctly and the handing over of administrative authority.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Website?

A website build has to fit the scope of a project so it entirely depends on how large you wish your website to be and how many features you require on your website.

A simple one page website can be completed by Target Grow in as little as 72 hours but a more complex Web Design Project with multiple pages can take a from a week to a month, again, it would depend on the features that the project specification would require.

What Types of Companies Does Target Grow Design Websites For?

Target Grow specialises in building niche websites for individuals (blogs) as well as business websites for sole traders and small businesses.

As a local Bracknell Web Design company we?re well placed to understand the particular needs of local businesses and organisations in Bracknell and surrounds.

Does Target Grow work Internationally?

Absolutely – We’ve clients from all over the world and are truly an international company – its just that we are based physically in Bracknell.

Will my Website Work on Tablets & Smartphones?

Yes. All our web design projects are fully responsive meaning they will display on all devices correctly.

Most searches on the internet are now done via a smartphone. Google recently announced that it will now focus on mobile responsive websites in the first instance thus every single website we design is mobile device responsive.

Why Choose Target Grow for Your Web Design Project?

Whilst there are many web design companies out there that can “do the job” so to speak, that doesn’t mean that the service you’ll get will be suited to you as an individual or to your business.

We take on only ONE Client at a time for website builds meaning our prime focus is 100% on ensuring you and your business achieves the attention that both deserve.

We work very much one-on-one with all of our clients in a very personal and friendly manner and we find that this creates an environment of trust and partnership that benefits both of us.

What Will My Website Look Like?

Pretty much whatever you want it to look like is really the only answer to this with the only caveat being we always put website functionality and user experience over “flashy” designs that may look the good but are never found on Google.

You simply answer a few questions in the project visualisation and research phase and perhaps let us know a few examples of websites you might like to be modelled on and we take it from there.

Does Target Grow provide Support AFTER my Website is built?

We will always be available on email and phone to all of our valued clients so rest assured, we’ll be here for you.

Target Grow does have ongoing Maintenance and SEO packages which you might wish to consider to ensure your website remains secure, up to date, relevant and most importantly FOUND on search engines such as Google.