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Our Digital Marketing Approach

Backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience Target Grow will make your business visable and easy to find on all the major search engines. Utilising all the best practices for website design, search engine optimisation and social media signals we know we can put YOUR business in front of YOUR target market for quality engagement that drives leads and sales. From local, to national and international, you’ll find our Website Design Agency based in Bracknell delivers a very personal service that ensures you business gets the boost it requires in the most friendly and professional manner possible.

We make the journey to your success fun, and want to share that journey with you!

Meet the Target Grow CEO

Mark Minehan

Founder, CEO, Family Man and Chief Tea Maker

Let’s be honest, this page is not really an “About Us” page as for the moment it’s actually all “About Me”, not in a self-centered way I might add, it’s just that for now at least, all the work is actually done by myself.

I’m a sports-loving (particularly cricket), chef trained, science fiction fanatic with two gorgeous daughters who are always #1 on my “Target Grow” ambitions. I love my family, am fiercely loyal, enjoy a good laugh and a tasty beer (or 2), all the while fighting my ongoing lifetime addiction to travel!

I love the creativity of building awesome websites based on Proper research, Real data and Detailed analytics resulting in engaging content and thorough technical optimisation that provides for an amazing website user experience.

As I’m sure you know, juggling life and work can be a challenge and my hope is that by providing you with some online marketing solutions for your business, that I’ll be able to take some of that pressure off your shoulders.

My Humble History

Every business has a beginning and mine started in the early 1990’s when I built my first ever website dedicated to my Events and Catering Business, and decided that this little unknown thing called Google looked a good opportunity for advertising and to hopefully make a few sales.

Little did I know that at the time hardly anyone was actually using Google to its fullest potential or that it would become the monolith that it has. Over the years and after thousands of hours of practical development, training, certifications and more, Target Grow was created and now I boast clients the world over.

My business is strictly a small business, not because I can’t expand or grow, but because I actually specialise in a very personal one-on-one style of service. The clients I take on are paramount never do I “play both sides” as I won’t take on more than one client in the same area, in the same sales niche. It’s just not my way!

So if you want an exceptional friendly digital marketing service that boasts excellent results why not Email or call today on +447305501600.

Next Steps…

If you want to learn more about sharing your business journey successes with someone who only wants YOU to succeed then why not get in touch today!

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