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19October 2021

Social Media Portfolio showing a mass of Social Media Icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more
Your Social Media Portfolio

If you have a large Social Media Portfolio and are juggling multiple social media profiles, then you’ll need to ensure that either you have amazing time management skills or, alternatively, that you have some very good online tools at your disposal to help out with your social media post scheduling.

Target Grow has tested dozens of Social Media Apps over the years, and by far the best social media scheduling platform that this business has utilised is PromoRepublic, hands down!

The Social Media Portfolio I manage consists of over 25 different social media accounts and because I regularly administer such a high volume of Social Media accounts, I needed an exceptional platform that was easy to use and quick to master. PromoRepublic answered that call!

Whilst I understand that no Social Media posting scheduler can possibly tick all the boxes, after much use, I’m absolutely confident in saying that PromoRepublic stands tall amongst the big players in this field.

Social Media Portfolio Account Management

No other Social Media scheduling platform comes close to PromoRepublic when you take into consideration its content creation library.

The amount of free assets available for posting is staggering, with well over 100,000 visuals you can utilise to promote anything at all for your business. This feature is by far the most useful tool on the platform and it makes creating digital assets for your Social Media Portfolio of accounts both fast and simple.

The 6000+ individually crafted and editable digital assets in the Promo Republic post ideas library definitely distinguishes the platform from its peers and sets it apart in its field. The integrated photostock library is also a fantastic feature and with very little effort the platform also makes it extremely easy to upload your own digital assets.

White Label Social Media Portfolio Management

PromoRepublic has a number of different plans suited to all sorts of business sizes and employee numbers. So no matter how comprehensive your Managed Social Media Portfolio is, PromoRepublic has the perfect Social Media scheduling plan to suit your budget.

From the basic Solopreneur plan at just $9 per month (billed annually), right up to the Enterprise and White Label Solutions for professional Social Media Portfolio managers, PromoRepublic has your business covered.

Social Media Marketing Portfolio

The software’s superior user experience and wonderful versatility makes PromoRepublic a game-changer in the Social Media Scheduling software space.

Target Grow recommends this superior SAS product with the highest of confidence, and we’re supremely confident that your clients will notice the difference in the quality of content you can produce, the speed at which you can schedule posts, and the enhanced engagement that those posts created using PromoRepublic will provide.

The platform has too many “pros” to number, all that stack up very well against the very few “cons” of the platform. A streamlined team collaboration process, a built-in graphics editor, and the unbelievable content library are just a few.

Check out the table below to see more of what makes PromoRepublic so superior over its rivals.

Connect With Us On Social Media

TargetGrow has a number of clients and keeping up to date with all the engagement on our content across our entire social media portfolio, can be very time-consuming. And let’s be honest, it’s very important to maintain those connections on social media as, after all, that’s what it’s all about.

The great thing about PromoRepublic is that they have an inbox that can manage all your connected accounts and this makes it very easy to keep track of comments, likes, shares and messages, all in one convenient place.

If you have any further questions on PromoRepublic please feel free to connect with us on social media via the following social profiles – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or of course via our website contact page here.

Social Media Portfolio Example

Target Grow has a specific Social Media Portfolio Example that might shed a bit more light on why utilising a tool like PromoRepublic is such a good idea and a massive time-saver if you manage multiple accounts.

We manage 8 Instagram Accounts, 6 Twitter Accounts, 10 Facebook Accounts and 3 Pinterest Accounts.

We also have Google My Business profiles connected to our PromoRepublic Account taking our social media account total up to over 30.

As you can imagine, managing a portfolio of this size can seem daunting.

But not with PromoRepublic. All the social media accounts in the portfolio are visible in one easy to navigate dashboard and where posting content is a breeze.

Checking out your analytics and attending to messages and interacting with the followers or the engagement your posts might attract is also very simple and again, within the same dashboard.

Local Social Media Marketing

PromoRepublic has so many resources to help you out with growing your client’s (or your own) audiences, that the platform itself is almost a foolproof road map to social media growth.

With a fantastic up to date blog that takes you through all sorts of social media marketing scenarios, to a brilliant help chat function, where operators are almost always available, PromoRepublic helps you every step of the way to ensure your online success.

The resources that PromoRepublic has available are vast and their regular webinars are a great way for the PromoRepublic team to share all the upcoming changes, features and functionalities of not only PromoRepublic itself but of all the social media platforms that you use today!

What is a Social Media Portfolio?

In the online digital space, most people would likely think of a Social Media Portfolio as being a collection of visuals that are displayed in such a manner as to represent an individuals ability to a prospective employer.

In this instance, however, we are referencing our Social Media Portfolio as being the collection of other peoples social media accounts that are under management with us here at Target Grow.

Other Tools to Enhance your PromoRepublic Use?

PromoRepublic is just one of the tools in your arsenal to help with your SEO requirements. TargetGrow uses the platform alongside the fantastic FLICK, which is the best Instagram tool on the market bar none, and also the brilliant Keysearch keyword research tool.

Whilst there is an inbuilt editor within Promo Republic, we’ll utilise CANVA as our preferred image manipulation software as it is so feature-rich now and the CAVNVA development team are always adding extra features. This is an amazing product.

These four tools used together can help you identify the right keywords, manage your social postings and improve your social media reach exponentially.

When these three software programs are used together, and this is the exact arsenal of products we use here at Target Grow, your social media presence will become a juggernaut!

PromoRepublic for your Social Media Portfolio?

Is PromoRepublic the right fit for your business or for your client base? Only you will know the answer to that however the guys at PromoRepublic offer a free trial so what’ve you got to lose?

So go over the PromoRepublic website here and give the platform a trial and check out all the features that make this the best tool on the market to manage your social media portfolio – you’ll be stoked you did, guaranteed!

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